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Go Social beyond the Great Chinese Wall

– or Jump into the Indian Paprika Pot


Did you think that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of social media marketing? You might be right, but what if your customers are Buddhists or Hindus?

In this blog post I want to share my discoveries with people, who didn’t notice, that the social media is not as worldwide as the web. I was amazed, that social media is a lot more than the sites we use in the West – Especially if you want to start sharing with the Chinese – and let them share for you.

No YouTube in China

It all started, when my boss came home from China. “The Chinese can’t watch YouTube”, he announced rather dryly as usual. I never thought about that, but I realized it was a problem, because it meant that our Chinese users couldn’t watch our YouTube-channel with the video-tutorials, that I produce. I wrote to our man in Singapore to know, what kind of video-sharing community the Chinese used then. He told me that youku.com was the most popular provider, so I opened my Chrome browser and opened a YouKu-channel with the great help from the Google website translation tool.

Voila, now QuantumWise TV has a sister channel for the Chinese. Luckily our man in Singapore also hired a native Chinese speaker to translate the films to Chinese from the English subtitles that I had made for YouTube anyways. He also found out how to add them in YouKu. Actually YouKu is quite cool. It is much easier to customize your channel site to look good, because you can choose your own background and thumbnail pictures for the videos.

After a while I started realizing that YouKu.com was not the only Chinese social website, because the nanotech students, who visit the YouKu-channel, sometimes share a video on other social media like the Chinese Facebook look-alike RenRen or Sina microblogging or other Chinese social networks. But I must say, I don’t try to go much further than YouKu for China. I find it better to let the Chinese users do that job for me.

Indian nano-spices

It is also nice to know, that there is something called nanopaprika, when one would like to catch the attention of that bit of guys who might be interested in atomic-scale simulations (read nano-techstudents and docs) out of one billion Indians. On nanopaprika it is also possible to upload videos related to nanotechnology or just make an update on job openings, seminars, webinars or whatever might interest the community.

Actually nanopaprika is a community in English, that is as international as YouTube or any other social media, but with a much more specific target group. It just seems to be more popular in India. So nanopaprika might not be relevant for you, but YouKu might, and there could be other web communities relevant to your company out there. You just have to find them.